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Got Hacked? Do This Next! Best Soldering Iron, HerdProtect Download, Why You Still Have USB 2 Ports

November 4, 2016 | Posted in News

Did You Really Get Hacked? Do This Next! HerdProtect Download: One Click Runs 68 Malware Scanners! Best Soldering Iron
00:30 What To Do If You Get Hacked
Let’s talk about being hacked… which I started thinking about Saturday night when I got a text message “Someone else might have accessed Microsoft account ***@gmail” Saturday night. It’s also why Shannon turned on 2FA for Skype this weekend!

12:12 Battery Soldering Iron?
iBurley writes in: “I’m looking for a good solution for a portable soldering iron. To be honest the butane ones seem oddly risky so I was hoping for battery powered, and I was wondering if you had any experience or recommendations.” We talk Hakko’s FX-901/P i battery powered soldering iron, rechargeable batteries, our fave butane model, and the best soldering station we know of!

17:49 herdProtect
Les writes, “Is “HerdProtect” with 68 malware engines legit?” We run “68 industry anti-malware scanners” with one click in the video!
22:08 Why Aren’t USB 2.0 Ports Dead?
Charles wants to know, “If USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0, why do MoBos (and PC case for that matter) still include USB 2.0 ports in the rear?” We talk about Intel’s chipsets, bandwidth, and why USB 2.0 won’t die anytime soon!

24:19 Electronic Earmuffs Are Passive!
Pete writes in to [email protected] with a secret about electronic hearing protection… watch the show to find out!

25:28 Do Something Analog!
Like Jonathon, who posted on facebook.com/tekthing, “I’m at a alliance larp event this weekend and there’s nothing more analog than live action role playing! I’m off to play with my friends with foam weapons in the dark!”
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