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Anonymous to Destroy Illuminati in 2012

December 19, 2011 | Posted in News

Not long ago, infamous hacktivist collective Anonymous came forward revealing their plans to go after members of the secret society Illuminati, calling George Bush, Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, Curtis James Jackson III and others their puppets.

“Illuminati will take 75% of all social networks. Youtube is already done. We have managed to leak audio recordings and few video formats,” they said at the time.

Since the first warning, in which they asked the organization to stop their practices, was ignored, on December 17 they released a new video, declaring war on Illuminati in the year 2012 and threatening to reveal valuable information on “13 bloodlines”.

“They use manipulation to keep every resource in order with their mission. Now, it is our move. You think that you are in control, but we’ll show you what is true power, true power of people and freedom. You control resources, but you don’t control people,” says a guy wearing a Fawkes mask in the latest video.

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