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Yoga Book Review! Save & Backup Photos Automatically, Fonts For Dyslexia, First Ham Radio!

October 21, 2016 | Posted in News

Yoga Book Review, Automatic Backup and Protection for All The Photos… fonts for dyslexics, ham radio reccos, and MORE
Lenovo Yoga Book Review
Lenovo’s new 2-in-1 is 9.6mm thin and features a “zero travel” backlit Halo Keyboard that doubles as a Wacom tablet… it looks pretty, but can you actually do work on the Yoga Book? Find out in the video !

­Ham Radio Reccos for Newbies!
Shannon’s got her Technician License, call sign, and a TON of recommendations from our viewers to get her started in the video! (Here’s the links to the the Baofeng UV-5R, help with CHIRP programming, like Miklor, and Bubbazanetti, RepeaterBook, and EchoLink

Fonts For Dyslexia
Is there a best font for dyslexia? Check out Open Dyslexic (It’s on the Kindle!), Dyslexie Font, and the British Dyslexia Association’s list of good typefaces!

FreshBooks Offer
Our sponsor FreshBooks is offering a month of unrestricted use to all of our viewers­ totally free right now…. and you don’t need a credit card for the trial. To claim your free month, go to FreshBooks.com/tekthing a?nd enter TEKTHING ?in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section!

Automatically save, organize and backup photos
Ryan doesn’t like the down sampled pictures in Google Photos, and wonders how long the service will last. “Can you help me figure out a solution to save, organize and backup our photos going forward?” In the video!

Inventory & Sales For Small Business?
Mathew’s partner just started a business with hand dying yarn, but it’s already obvious that using Google Sheets isn’t great for tracking inventory. We talk about why so many businesses use Shopify.com in the video!

Earbuds That Block All The Noise
Debra writes ask@Tekthing.com:, “Aside from the Eytmotic ER4 that you mentioned, are there any earbuds (or headphones) you could recommend for use while cutting grass, working with power tools, etc.? Does Patrick use any of the electric shot-canceling headphones when shooting?” We talk ER4 and Howard Leight Electronic Earmuffs in the video!

Do Something Analog!
Like go see the Liberty Bell & Carpenters Hall and Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, which I’ll be doing this week w/ my family!!!
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