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This EAGLE Script Gets Quotes For Your Boards

September 12, 2016 | Posted in News

Weary of manually entering manufacturing parameters into PCBShopper’s web form,¬†[Jeremy Ruhland] created an awesome shortcut: His ULP script lets you obtain quotes from 26 PCB manufacturers around the world directly from your EAGLE board layout.

The script extracts all relevant data from your layout, including¬†board size, the layer count, minimum trace widths and hole diameters. It then let’s you specify a few more in a tidy dialogue before sending you to PCBShopper.com with a custom query for board quotes.

Have a board layout..
..run [Jeremy's] ULP script..
..get quotes!

It works like a charm, and [Jeremy] also plans to add a shortcut button to the EAGLE layout editor’s toolbar. Since the script implements the entire PCBShopper API, for which [Jeremy] cooperates with PCBShopper.com owner [Bob Alexander], it’s also a great starting point for the development of scripts that work with other board layout tools.

Thanks to [Matthew Venn] for the title photo (via Flickr)!

Source: This EAGLE Script Gets Quotes For Your Boards

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