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Official Site of SEIKO Spain has been Hacked

June 3, 2013 | Posted in News

Hacker claims to have breached SEIKO Spain official website

A hacker that uses the online moniker Ag3nt47 claims to have breached the official Spanish website of SEIKO, the world renowned Japanese watch company.

The names, email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers of hundreds of customers have been leaked online by the hacker.

Various other pieces of information have also been leaked from the SEIKO Spain's databases.

When we asked the hacker about his reasons for targeting SEIKO, Ag3nt47 simply replied, “I'm a Rolex man ;)”

We’ve attempted to contact SEIKO Spain, but their website’s contact page doesn’t appear to be working.

Last week, Ag3nt47 claimed to have breached the systems of the Albany International Airport, New York. At the time, we attempted to contact the airport’s representatives to see if they could comment on the incident, but so far we haven’t heard back from them.

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