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Google Malaysia has been Hacked by Team Madleets

October 11, 2013 | Posted in News

Google’s Malaysian site has been hacked and replaced with a splash screen giving credit to a group called “Team Madleets.” The normal site has been offline for several hours as of late Thursday afternoon and the page lists a series of handles that are ostensibly part of the team responsible. Updated with brief statement from the hackers below.

The Madleets address leads to a Facebook page for the team that has the following message posted:

One thing noted by me. I found Malaysian people kind and well behaved. Since Google Malaysia got hacked, I haven't seen even ONE negative comment by them. They seemed to have enjoyed the hack while a few might have not due to some work reasons. Sorry for that then, was just a security alert. No harm done.
Loving you guys,

The page info states that “MadLeets is a Ethical and 1337 White Hat Hackers Community. We are Anti Hackers , we teach how to protect yourself from getting hacked.”

the mirrors
Google Malaysia Stamped By 1337

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