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A Menorah For The 21st Century

December 28, 2016 | Posted in News

For those new and experienced, this time of year is a great chance for enterprising makers to apply their skills to create unique gifts and decorations for family and friends. [Mike Diamond] of What I Made Today built a phone controlled, light-up menorah. It’s a charming way to display some home automation know-how during the holidays.

Expanding on his previous project — a pocket-sized menorah — a Raspberry Pi Zero with a WiFi dongle, some LEDs, wire, and tea lights suffice for the materials, while setting-up Blynk on the Raspberry Pi and a phone to control the lights ties it together after mounting it in an old monitor housing.

[Diamond]’s guide is written with beginners in mind, so this little affair could be adapted to a range of customized ideas within a flexible budget. Assuming you can sneak off with the giftee’s phone to install the app this will make a great surprise. Hanukkah begins on Saturday; if you put your parts order in right now you can definitely complete this in time!

Those not wild about the connection to the phone can certainly build their own microcontroller-based LED menorah. EMSL has a menorah with an awesome PCB design, and Hackaday’s own [Mike Szczys] came up with a compact single-sided design you can etch at home.

[via /r/raspberry_pi]

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